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阿酷雷ACRE Fomula800C Brake Pad

Track tested proven performance
Material: Carbon Graphite Metalic with Titan
For Street & Circuit use
Applicable rotor temperature: 0~800℃(1472°F)
Friction coefficient: 0.38~0.65μ
ACRE Fomula800C Brake Pads

The Formula800C rocket improves Formula700C that used carbon metal materials more, and I use fluorine and expensive materials such as the titanium for feces Dan, and brakes control a weight car precisely. After a run, the recovery that effectiveness restores even if I get cold once-related good point realizes a good point of the performance that I specialized!

Acre Formula800C brake pads are rated for 0-800 deg and coef friciton of 0.38 to 0.65. Its compound is made from Carbon graphite metallic and titanium. This Pads is Acre's Premium Street and Circuit Pads, which will give you maximum stopping power for any street and race conditions.
More targeted for use in high level street use, or dedicated circuit and track work, it offers excellent brake control, initial bite, high temperature tolerances. Formula800C is your choice of a serious race pads.

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